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How do you rate your own business precinct?

  • 1.  How do you rate your own business precinct?

    Posted 08-06-2021 11:32
    Local district business centres in Canberra have come a long way in recent times, but there's still room for improvement. How do you rate your own business precinct? What do you think attracts people to this location and keeps them coming back (or doesn't bring them back)? What could be improved to make them work better – amenity? Landscape and layout? Parking? Infrastructure? Zoning? Mix of businesses/industries?

    Dr. Michael Schaper Senior Strategic Adviser
    Canberra Business Chamber
    Lyneham ACT

  • 2.  RE: How do you rate your own business precinct?

    Posted 08-06-2021 19:01
    The following is what attracts to a areas

    Good lighting, mix of retail, big box shops like an Electrical appliance, Office works, Outdoor camping shops. Office business, & industries. Large warehousing, car parking & loading zones, eateries, Post Office with Parcel lockers. Longer hours for retail. 

    We need to attract business to the areas as well

    Brad Miller
    Australia Post Group
    Wetherill Park NSW

  • 3.  RE: How do you rate your own business precinct?

    Posted 21-06-2021 12:06
    Good points, Brad. And perhaps also ensuring that as areas get older, the physical amenity doesn't deteriorate. An important issue for many is parking, we keep hearing - businesses short of parking spaces; enough loading zones; and, critically, enough free or cheap parking to ensure that customers can conveniently shop in the area.

    Dr. Michael Schaper Senior Strategic Adviser
    Canberra Business Chamber
    Lyneham ACT

  • 4.  RE: How do you rate your own business precinct?

    Posted 23-06-2021 18:10

    From the Phillip Business Precinct (south of Hindmarsh Dr) perspective, where do I start.

    If I broke it down into categories I'd probably consider:

    • Amenities
      • the ACT Government are about to replace our single old public toilet and have planted 100 trees (17 have died). But there is no mention of the park benches, or anything like gardens.
    • Streets & Footpaths
      • Absolutely terrible. Broken gutters, footpaths with bitumen in patches and pieces.
      • Can take up to 3 years to get a footpath fixed and they'll literally do the bare minimum or worse - make it more of a patch-work-quilt.
    • Buildings
      • Apart from the Caryards and a couple of rare examples, the rest of Phillip is in a state of decay. My feelings are known about this on CT, but there is little to no additional commercial land being released so the values increase over the years with absolutely no improvement. Rents increase, but the quality of tenancies available doesn't. It's a fake supply/demand dynamic that has caused stagnation in improvement.
      • A majority of Phillip's Business Precinct is zoned for 4 stories - but most isn't. Which is really weird because there would be opportunities to increase available square meterage across the precinct.
      • There are 2 newer buildings that are mostly empty, plus a few in the same way that are very old, and yet the landlords must be seeing a greater advantage or value in having the buildings empty - so it makes me wonder, if you had residential properties it's very unlikely you'd keep them not generating income unless the money didn't matter.
    • Parking - ahh parking
      • What would really help would actually be multi-story paid-parking facilities.
      • Not only is there a shortage of spots, but the all day spots are filled (in the majority) by people who walk over to Woden central and cars being serviced that are being valet parked by the mechanics and caryards.
      • The Minister, Chris Steele, said we need to get consensus from the precinct on a solution to the problem.... So he's outsourced his responsibility as we'll never get consensus between businesses that use the parking to generate revenue and don't want to pay, and the rest of the businesses who just want to be able to get their staff into an all-day parking spot after 8am.

    Yes, I know I'm cynical - but calling a spade a spade is sometimes needed.

    Regrettably the lack of action from the ACT Labor Government has dampened spirits and small businesses are just not engaging anymore.

    My 2 cents for free.

    Tom Adam
    Founder / Chief Instructor
    Canberra Martial Arts
    Canebrra ACT