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'Recruit Assist' the Chamber's new service to help SMEs find staff at one fixed price!

  • 1.  'Recruit Assist' the Chamber's new service to help SMEs find staff at one fixed price!

    Posted 03-06-2021 09:01
    Edited by Canberra Business Chamber 10-06-2021 10:31
    'Recruit Assist' is a new Canberra Business Chamber service to help small and medium enterprises find, interview, and hire staff at a fixed affordable price of $4,000 + GST.

    "We listened to small business, and know that it is a tough labour market out there. It's difficult to find new staff, and recruiting places major demands on their time. Smaller businesses often don't have the in-house capability to help with recruitment, and often don't use recruitment agencies for a variety of reasons," said Graham Catt, Canberra Business Chamber CEO.

    "'Recruit Assist' is designed to fill that gap, so we can provide SMEs with the capability needed to effectively find, interview, and hire staff."
    Recruit Assist is specifically designed for operational, administrative and generalist roles within a business.

    "Our Chamber members who provide recruitment and placement services do a fantastic job, but 'Recruit Assist' is a little bit different. It gives businesses the capability that they need and a trusted partner. Graham says that the Chamber often hears from employer members that they feel overwhelmed with the number of applications received for a single job, and the challenge of screening those applications to create a shortlist. "'Recruit Assist' will help you with that process, and provide you with a shortlist, partner with you to set up and run the interview, check references, visas and rights to work in Australia as part of the selection process. It is about partnering and providing capability for you as a business. Mr. Catt is confident that this new service from the Chamber meets a critical need for SMEs and will provide a massive benefit to them as, most importantly, "its incredibly well priced" Graham said.

    'Recruit Assist' is a fixed price service "so you know exactly what you are getting and paying. The fixed prices is $4,000 plus GST, we think it's a fantastic offer".

    'Recruit Assist' is part of 'Employer Assist' provided by Canberra Business Chamber. "It's just one more way we help Canberra businesses start, grow through 'Employer Assist," Mr. Catt said.

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