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Buyer Beware – The must-knows to not get ripped off by a digital professional

  • 1.  Buyer Beware – The must-knows to not get ripped off by a digital professional

    Posted 24-11-2021 12:50

    What you need to know in order to avoid being ripped off by a digital professional.

    Have you ever received an unsolicited message from a marketing "specialist" that seemed too good to be true? Some so-called experts will scam you out of your time and money and do little, if anything, for the visibility of your business online. 

    Whether you're in the market for a new website, need new professional photos taken or are looking for someone to manage your Instagram account, you need to feel confident that you are spending your money wisely.

    The Buyer Beware cheat sheet is a free resource created to empower you to discern whether or not a potential supplier is going to be a good match for your business. The cheat sheet includes a list of:

    • Red flags - indicators that a supplier is dodgy or not a good match
    • Green flags - indicators that a supplier is of high quality and a potentially good match
    • Questions you can ask a potential supplier to ensure that the project proceeds on your terms and works for your business

      The cheat sheet provides guidance for these specific marketing specialists:

      • Website developers
      • Search engine optimisation (SEO) consultants and blog-writers
      • Organic social media marketers (for Instagram and Facebook)
      • Graphic designers
      • Photographers
      Read more tips on how to find a genuine marketing specialist and download the Buyer Beware cheat sheet here.


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