Free lunch with deep tech expert, mentor and founder? Come along to this Billion Dollar Panel

By Canberra Innovation Network posted 15-06-2022 17:46

Billion Dollar Panel with Dr Lyndal Thorburn event tile

The Billion Dollar Panel series provides an opportunity for members of the innovation community to share in the wealth of knowledge experienced mentors, investors and founders bring to the table.

Come along to hear from experienced founder, director and mentor, Dr Lyndal Thorburn FAICD MIPA.

Lyndal has a 30 year management and consulting career in and for technology-based organisations and government (including CSIRO). As Managing Director of Advance Consulting and then Innovation Dynamics Pty Ltd, she worked on over 40 new business ventures over 12 years, mainly in biotechnology, completing business plans and market research and supporting capital raising.

Over a period of five years, under an Australian Financial Services Licence, Innovation Dynamics also supported raising of almost $500m by biotechnology companies listing on the ASX. As an expert in in innovation, strategy, financing and governance, Lyndal also delivered a range of evaluation projects for State and Federal governments and, in the last decade, program and industry evaluations in the Asia Pacific for APEC. She also spent three years as MD of a tissue therapy spinoff company based in Melbourne.

Lyndal started mentoring for the Griffin Accelerator in 2015. She is currently a director of a university, an R&D corporation and a Regional Development Australia-funded NFP. She has over 30 person-years’ experience on the boards and councils of 9 private companies, not-for-profits and industry associations, and has held advisory roles for 6 government and research agencies. On her Boards, Lyndal has held roles as committee member and chair in finance and risk, HR and strategy as well as board chair, and is a Fellow of the AICD.

Lyndal’s management and strategic skills have been recognised by the Women in Technology Awards, the Telstra Small Business Awards and the Telstra Businesswomen’s Awards.

Words of wisdom from Lyndal:

“I realised that the invention was not enough – innovation was what drove economic change.”

“Women need to be tenacious in getting credit for what they do in organisations.”

Registration is free, lunch will be provided.

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